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Message to our members about COVID-19

4 years ago

As the world was preparing to say goodbye to the first decade of the new millennium, no one could have imagined that only three short months later, most of us would be confined to our homes to avoid contacting a virus called COVID-19.  Yet here we are, which means now more than ever, human connection is critical to maintaining our sanity. 

For some, this involuntary house restriction means spending more time with their spouse, partner or roommate, and less with friends, extended loved ones and coworkers. For others, it means spending much more time alone than they are used to or would like to. This can be a very dreadful, frustrating and challenging time for those in either scenario. In one case, they may not like who they cohabit with. In the other, they may loath being a solo dweller. 

The needs of each person will undoubtedly be different, but most would agree that having someone to make a connection with can help soften the (latest) blow.  If you find yourself in need of making one, WhateverHappensHappens has you covered. Find people from all over the globe who are looking to connect with no obligations.  Log on today and signup for free!

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